Introduction: How to Use a Fishing Rod and Push Pole

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The Push Pole, also known as a Gopher Pole, is an immense time-saver
for overhead cabling jobs with the ability to push cables across large gaps and distances. Simply extend the lightweight, non-conductive, telescoping pole across ceiling tiles with a pull-string attached to it and cover up 22 feet of distance in just one extension. The pole features locking buttons so it won’t collapse if it runs into a hard surface in the ceiling; it also has a hook on the far end of the pole for grabbing cables that are out of reach as well as a loop on either end of the pole for attaching a pull string. The Push Pole is great for large or small jobs running 25 pair feeder cable, cat5e, cat6, cat6a, or coaxial cable.

Telescopes from 4' to 22' in a matter of seconds. Easy to handle in tight spots. No loose parts to fit together. Can push/pull wires over long spans, in suspended ceilings, sub-floors, crawl spaces, and attics. Constructed of durable, non-conductive fiberglass. Sturdy and lightweight. Highly visible color (white). Positive lock system (won’t inadvertently collapse).

Step 1: How to Video: Fish Rod for Cabling

20ft Fishing Rod Kit
Luminescent fiberglass rods glow in the dark to make fishing voice, data and video wires easier in dark spaces, such as above ceilings, in walls, and below sub-floorsMore flexible for fishing in walls through outlet box holesSturdy, steel-threaded connectors are interchangeable with Greenlee 1/4 IN (6.4 mm) Fish StixClear, non-metalic storagetube keeps Glo Stix charged and ready to use200 lbs. (0.9 kN) maximum pulling strengthOptional Whisk Nose Tip isavailable for fishing over obstacles, and can be used to guide extended Glo Stix sidewaysabove ceilings by rotating. Can also be used to fish longerlengths by providing a tip that can be snagged from the opposite direction with another extended Fish or Glo Stix with a hook nose tip.

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