Introduction: How to Use a Free Proxy Server With Internet Explorer

This is a quick tutorial on how to use free proxy lists to hide your IP address over the internet.


-Free proxies are unreliable, and in my opinion, not the safest option for hiding your IP address. For your safety, I do not recommend using banking services and similar online services while using a free proxy.

-I take no responsibility for the actions one may use the free proxy for.

Step 1: Finding a Free Proxy Server

There are many different free servers out there. Searching "proxy lists" is a good start. Once you find a proxy list, take note of the IP address and the port of the proxy server you want to connect to, as this info is needed in the last step.

Note that some free proxies may make browsing ALOT slower. Sometimes, trial and error is needed in order to find the right server.

Step 2: Setting Up the Connection (the First Bit)

Now that you have the server's IP address and port number, it is time to connect! In order to connect, first go to the Internet Explorer tools menu, and select "Internet Options". Once the menu pops up, select the "connections" tab, and then click on "LAN settings".

Step 3: Setting Up the Connection (the Final Step)

Now that you're on the LAN settings menu, click the box that says "Use a proxy server for your LAN", and then type in the IP address and port number of the proxy server you want to connect to. That is it!

Step 4: Alternatives

This tutorial was a simple method of how to somewhat change your IP address over the internet, however, there are alternatives such as:


-VPN extensions

-Paid VPNS

-Proxy Browsers

I highly suggest researching the different ways you can hide your IP address over the internet. That way, you can make a good choice based on what your needs are and how much anonymity you require.