Introduction: How to Use a Fuji Film Instax 8 Polariod

Hey! Do you wonder how to use your Polaroid? These are super easy to use, so I'll teach you the basics! You'll be snapping in seconds!

Step 1: Adding Film

Unwrap the film packaging and set it aside. Next, you'll want to open up the back and put in the new one, and the numbers will reset on the bottom. The numbers tell you how much film you have left.

Step 2: Taking a Photo

First, you turn on the camera by resting the button on the bottom right corner. The lense should pop out. Next, point your camera in the direction of where you want to take the photo. On the left, by the lense there is a button below a window like piece of glass, and you press it.

Step 3: Making the Image Show Up

Once you finish taking the photo, the polariod will pop up. Shake it vigorously and an image shall appear little by little.