Introduction: How to Use a One-handed Can Opener

How to use a one-handed can opener

Step 1: Print the Can Opener

Download the .stl file of the "I Think I Can" opener onto a computer connected to a 3D printer (a TAWS printer works well because it is large enough for the design). Print the design and wait. No extra assembly required.

Step 2: Pierce the Can

Use your store-bought can opener to pierce the can with your hand.

Step 3: Insert Handles Into the "I Think I Can" Opener

Drag the can opener and can (should be attached), and place the handles in the height-appropriate rectangular opening of the platform.

Step 4: Turn the Crank

Take your hand from the handles and place them on the crank. Gently turn the crank.

Step 5: Take the Lid Off

Pull the can opener out of the hole it is in; open the handles; take the lid off with your hand; and enjoy!