Introduction: How to Use a Pencil to Open a Sticky Key Lock

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Got a sticky office lock that just won't open? Try this trick!

Step 1: Grab Your Keys and a Pencil.

Grab your supplies:

  • Keys
  • Sharpened pencil

Step 2: Rub Your Pencil's Graphite (black Tip) Onto Key.

Rub a sharpened pencil's graphite onto your key to lubricate it. Fun fact: A pencil's graphite (or the tip of a pencil) is a natural lubricant.

Step 3: Stick Your Key Into Your Tricky Lock and See If It Opens!

Take your key (now lubricated with graphite) and gently fiddle with the lock. Tip: If your lock is still stuck, try rubbing more graphite on your key.