Introduction: How to Use a Photoresistor and Active Buzzer With Arduino.

My idea behind the project is to create a simple yet functional circuit using a photocell sensor as my main source for input. The biggest challenge with this project was writing the code. The project is straightforward, and easy to recreate at home.


Active Buzzer

Arduino UNO


LED green

LED red

Jumper wires


Resistor 10K Ohm x1

Resistor 220 Ohm x2

Step 1: Step One: Breadboard

The diagram may look complex, but once you gather all the components together its actually easy to follow.

You can choose to start as you like carefully placing the parts in the board as shown in the picture. I recommend you start from left to right.

Cutting the jumping wires is really simple, measure the distance between the connections to get the desired length for the wires.

Step 2: Step Two: Code

You'd need to download the Arduino app on your computer to start coding this project. The code is a combination of basic sketches, and other easy codes I found online.

Step 3: Step Three: Verify

Make sure your breadboard and Arduino UNO are connected to your computer before continuing with the project. Once you finish putting the breadboard together following the SCHEMATICS, you'd want to make sure the circuit works for you. Either download or manually write the code and send it over to your Arduino UNO to verify its efficiency.