Introduction: How to Use a Saw

Steps to using a saw safely and properly.

By: Wendy Tan, Angela Truong, and Maggie Lee

Step 1: Prepare

If you have long hair, please make sure to tie it up. Another thing that you should get rid of is your hoodie strings. Your hair and hoodie strings will get caught in the saw and the saw will eat away at it.

Step 2: Safety

Before you use the saw, please make sure to put on safety goggles. This will ensure that no saw dust will get into your eyes and ruin them.

Step 3: Wood!

You are ready to cut your wood. However, make sure you have marked the places that you want to cut and that the measurements are correct.

Step 4: Ready

Turn on the machine before cutting the wood.

Step 5: Cutting

When you are cutting the wood, make sure to put your hands on opposite sides. Do NOT put your hand in the middle of the machine. To cut the wood well, press down, not forward. Let the saw do the work.

Step 6: Finished

Remember to turn off the machine when done. Before taking the wood and your eyes away, the machine should be turned off.