Introduction: How to Use a Table Saw

Hi, my name is Jackson Lake and I am a current student at LATI for Building Trades Technology. Many people will someday want to do some renovations to a house or building of some sort that they have, and it is much cheaper to do it yourself! Here are a few simple steps on how to run a table saw.

Step 1: Preparation

First get a piece of wood ready and put on PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). If cutting a larger piece of wood, get assistance from other people in the shop to make it as safe as possible.

Step 2: Setting the Saw Blade

Before the saw even is turned on, the saw blade needs to be set to the proper height. The blade is adjustable from a spin wheel located below the on level. The blade needs to be set a 1/8” to a ¼’’ of an inch above the wood.

Step 3: Setting the Saw Guard

The guard on the saw is used to cut a specific length off the wood. The guard is very easy to set, it is slid to the correct measurement and then locked into place.

Step 4: Starting the Saw

There is a pull lever below the table of the saw that will turn the saw on and off. Pull the lever out and the saw will turn on. Push the lever back down and the saw will instantly turn off.

Step 5: Starting the Cut

A very important part of this step is to keep the wood pressed firmly down to the table and pressed firmly up against the saw guard. Always keep the wood moving through the saw. If cutting a smaller sized piece, use the push tool located on the saw table.

Step 6: Finishing the Cut

Keep pushing the wood until both pieces clear the saw blade. Always remember to push the on/off lever down after using, leaving saw blade on can cause unnecessary accidents.