Introduction: How to Use an Industrial Bandsaw to Cleanly Cut Material

When assembling different items, like a chassis for a remote control car, there will always be the need to cut and size different material so that you can put together an assembly. A tool that is very useful for this is the industrial bandsaw. An industrial bandsaw allows you to cut and size any material that you could want. Without machines like this you wouldn't be able to machine things as easily.

Step 1: Safety, Safety, Safety

The most important thing to note when dealing with heavy industrial machinery is that it is dangerous. It is incredibly important to always be careful when working with machinery.

1. Always wear close toed shoes when working in a lab. It would be the worst if you dropped freshly cut sheet metal on your foot and sliced a tendon. (Trust me its happened before.)

2. Always wear eye protection. You don't want to have a hot shard of metal to fly into your eye.

3. Whenever you are cutting material, work with a partner.

4. Watch out for your fingers. It would hurt if you cut off your finger.

5. Make sure all loose articles of clothing are removed or tied down.

6. Don't drink or do drugs. This is a good rule in general, but specifically, don't use mind altering substances while dealing with heavy machinery.

Step 2: Measuring the Material

Before you cut the material you need to make sure it is the right length.

1. Find a tape measure.

2. Find a sharpie or dry erase marker.

3. Measure out how long of a piece you want to cut.

4. Mark on the wood where you want to cut it by drawing a line on the wood with the marker that you found.

Step 3: Set Up Hand Guard

The hand guard provides a way to protect your hand from getting chopped off. It also allows for you to make a clean smooth cut. You must follow these rules to be as safe as possible.

1. Lift up on the handle for the guard and move it all the way back.

2. Place the wood on the table with the saw blade where the mark on the wood is.

3. Lift the handle back up again and move it so that it is even with the edge of the wood.

4. Put handle down so that the hand guard is locked in place.

Step 4: Power

Before you can do any cutting you need to make sure the saw has power. Plug the saw into a wall socket that provides somewhere between 110 and 120 volts. If you want you can test the motor and see if it works. Do this by pushing the on button and seeing if the saw begins to run.

Step 5: Cut It Up

Now you get to the fun part, where you get to cut stuff and use big power tools.

1. Put on eye protection.

2. Place wood on table next to saw so that you are ready to cut.

3. Have one hand on both sides of the blade so that you can move the wood forward as you cut.

4. Press the on button.

5. Slowly move the wood forward so that the wood is cut.

6. When finished carefully press the off button.

7. Look at your beautifully cut piece of wood.

Step 6: Congrats!

Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to use an industrial band saw. Now go build something!