Introduction: How to Use an LCD With an Arduino

This is a step-by-step guide on to to use an lcd with an arduino. It is very simple. If you still have question leave them in the comments. Here is also a video to make it easier:

Step 1: Components





-computer (to programm the arduino).


-Breadbord (RECOMENDED!),


It is welcome to have a bacis knowlage of arduino programming, but you can also go without it.

Step 2: Wireing

There is not much to say about wireing follow the schematic if it confuses you watch the video here:

Step 3: Programming

i cant really explain every line of cod here, so i will just breafly explain (Beginner tutorial:

We are using an example from Liquid crystal librery.

1. #include

2.configure the pins

3.lcd.begin(16,2); -(screen resolution)

4.lcd.print("Hello, World");

5.Upload - Make sure the correct board and COM port are selected!

Now writing the code like this will result in an error this is just an overview.

Step 4: Play Around

This part is important is helps you learn more about arduino you can make a simple game on it, on you can display data from diffrent sensors. Thanks fore reading.