Introduction: How to Use the Stop Motion Pro. V7 Basic's

Note these are just the Basic's

Step 1: What Y'all Will Need

You will need this magical box called a computer, with a mouse and key board.
  Then you need to download stop motion pro. v7. 

Step 2: Smile for the Camera

To take a picture of the motion you have created you click the picture
  that looks like an old movie reel. 

Step 3: Left or Right?

The arrows will allow you to go threw the clips or frames you have
   already taken. To play click the play symbol to pause click it again. 

Step 4: Oops!!

If you Make a mistake, don't freak out there's a simple answer, right click the editor,
  then you left click that frame or clip and click hide. 

Step 5: Who's Up for Some Cheating

If your lazy like me, you can cheat. while in editor you can open action setting's
 which will allow you to cut, copy, or paste after or before a frame. If you select a
 group of frame's by holding shift and clicking on them , this will allow you to repeat,
 replace or reverse the order in which you selected.  

Step 6: Over and Over and You Get the Point

To exist the editor click close. To loop the video you have so far you
  simple click the two arrows making a circle.

Step 7: Like Looking Threw a Window

The onion skin allows you to see what you done before as a ghostly reflection,
 so you can make a more accurate stop motion, can also change how
  translucent the onion skin is, from opaque to invisible. 

Step 8: Hardcore Mode

If you click the tool box in the bottom left corner it will take you to the
 advanced setting for thing like short cut key's, loop setting or capture setting,

Step 9: Were Live in 5,4,3...

To take you back to what in front of the camera, click live.

Step 10: Peace Out

Thanks for watching this....sad inscrutable.