Introduction: How to Vaccinate Cattle

Keeping cattle healthy starts with a good vaccination program. Vaccinating cattle is like vaccinating humans, we need vaccines to keep both healthy. Farmers and ranchers have to make sure their cattle are healthy. Losing cattle equates to losing money.

Step 1:

First, gather all of the needed supplies. Supplies include syringes, needles, and vaccines. The cattle that are to be treated need to be in a nearby area where they can be brought into the chute.

Step 2:

Each vaccine comes with a medication label stating how many vaccines the animal should get, where to give the injection, and which needle size to use. Needles vary in length and thickness and the correct size depends on where and how the injection is to be given. Vaccines can be given subcutaneously and intramuscularly. Subcutaneously are given under the skin and intramuscularly are given in the muscle.

Step 3:

Next, bring the animal that is being vaccinated into the chute. The chute helps to keep the animal still while being vaccinated. Vaccinate the animal and keep records of the vaccination. Record the date, vaccine, and amount given.

Step 4:

After the calf is in the chute, it is time for them to get their vaccination. Give the vaccination where the medication label says. If more than 10 ccs are given move to another area to avoid irritation to the tissue.

Step 5:

Finally, keep an eye on the cattle that were vaccinated over the next few days to make sure they tolerated the vaccine well.