Introduction: How to Warm Up Before a Running Race

This guide will provide you with a step by step guide on how to properly warm up before a running race. This guide will work for any race between 800m and 5000m. Warming up before a race is a crucial part to having a successful race, as well as avoiding injury.

Step 1: Wearing Proper Gear

Running doesn't have a lot of needed gear however they gear that is required is very important. Running shoes can make or break training. If you run in a shoe that does not match your feet it can lead to injury. Research pronation! Wear proper gear for the weather you are running in!

Step 2: 10 Minute Run

The first active step is a 10 minute run. The goal of the first 2 minutes of this run should be to shakeout your legs from a car ride or sitting all day. Start at a slower pace than your usual in order to shakeout.

After 2 minutes try and settle into a pace that is equal to your training pace. This should get your heart rate increased and warm your muscle up.

After 8 minutes total you should increase your pace to 15-30 seconds faster than your training pace. This will get your heart rate up into a high rate and make your body sweat.

Step 3: 15 Minute Rest

After your 10 minute run, you should take a 15 minute rest. This time period can be used for hydrating. Some small static stretching. Don't be afraid to sit down. You want to avoid wasting energy by standing around before a race.

Step 4: Drills and Dynamic Stretching

Drills are a form of a moving stretch. Recent studies have shown that static stretching before your competition or race can actually fatigue the body. Using drills or static stretching helps keep the muscles warmed up and avoids fatigue.

Step 5: Drill 1: Foot Drills

Walk 15 meters on top of your toes. Next turn around and walk on your heals back for 15 meters. Next walk back 15 meters on the outside of your feet, and then return back 15 meters on the inside of your feet.

Step 6: Drill 2: Knee Raises

Raise your knee up while pulling it into your chest. You should feel a stretch in your quad. Do this every 3rd step alternating knees. Do this for 30 meters.

Step 7: Drill 3: Foot Raises Behind Back

Raise your foot up behind your back while grabbing your ankle with the arm on the same side and pulling your leg into your back.

Step 8: Drill 4: a Skip

A skip is when you raise your knee up to a 90 degree angle, and then snapping your foot to the ground. This is a constant motion alternating from leg to leg for 15 meters.

Step 9: Drill 5: B Skip

B Skip is similar to A skip but the leg is raised and then extended in a kick like motion. It is then snapped back to the ground. Do this for 15 meters alternating each leg.

Step 10: Drill 6: Leg Raises

Legs Raises is where you keep your leg extended and have your arm straight out in front of you. You raise your left leg to your right hand and vise versa. Do this for 30 meters.

Step 11: Drill 7: Side Lunges

A side lunge is where you step forward with your hips facing forward. You stretch on your lead leg and then lean and stretch on the rear leg. Alternating lead legs for 30 meters.

Step 12: Strides

A stride is a 50-100 meter warm up run. When you start your stride you want to raise your needs up and lengthen your stride to what it would be in your race. Increase pace through the length of the stride. Take a 2 minute break in-between. Do 4-6 strides.

Step 13: Race

You should now feel warmed up. Go enjoy your race!