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Introduction: How to Wash Your Face

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Everyone assumes that washing your face is enough to make your face cleaner. But this may not be enough to remove the deep seeded dirt from your face. That is why there are new and latest products that you can choose from such as milk, lotions, oils, mousses, motorized brushes and wipes as well as any anti-aging products. These sophisticated products are still important if you use some face products that will effectively moisturize your skin . The following are the new trends so you can get a fresher face:

Step 1: Rule 1: Wash Then Go

This is a two-step procedure. Make sure you remove those make up you have applied on your before washing you face. There are many cleansers which cannot away debris of concealer completely particularly areas near your nose and eyes. It is much better if you will use facial wash, which can dissolve sunscreen and make up. If you are more prone to acne, rinse a piece of soft paper towel then dry it after.

Step 2: Rule 2: Wash at Least 2 Times a Day

Though the main rule is to wash twice every day, you must know that exceeding on that will result into lock of moisture and irritation. Let your common sense guide you on this rule. Make sure that you are washing your face s you can avoid any breakouts. For those people who are experiencing dry and sensitive skin, it is recommended that you only wash every night.

Step 3: Rule 3: Don’t Believe That Your Pores Closes

From now on, you must start skipping your daily rituals such as splashing your face with cold water or massaging you face so it will increase your circulation or close down your pores. It is not true that pores have the ability to open and close. Actually, extreme hot or cold can only worsen problems such as redness and rosacea. That only means that having mild steam on you routine can aid soften those oil, which turns hard on your pores. It also proves that cleansing is not bad at all while you are taking your shower. Although it feels good, massaging your face will never do that much as what you expect for.

Step 4: Rule4: Buy Face Wash According to the Type of Your Skin

Whatever skin types you have, always kept in mind that, list of its ingredients do not have fragrance. This can be the cause of your irritation upon using it. Aside from that, parabens must be also avoided since it is a kind of toxic preservative or even harsh soap, which lets our skin dry. However, if you facial wash fit everything that you are looking for, then it is no just a matter of your own choice.

Sometimes, you need to be meticulous enough in choosing products you will use most especially for your personal care so you can prevent the possible risks. Facial wash, as one of the common necessities by most women should be gentle enough. It must help maintain your lovely face instead of destroying it.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    That's interesting about your pores not actually opening and closing, but that hot water or steam may soften oils in your skin. Thank you for sharing!