Introduction: How to Wax Skis

How To Wax Skis

What you need.

Plastic scraper


1. Hold ski binding breaks down using a boot or other method.
2. Heat up iron and test with ski wax to ensure it is hot enough to slightly melt the wax.
3. Apply a thin line of wax down the center of the skis.
4. Rub the iron in circles over the ski base to cover the ski with wax. Do not stay in one place for an extended period of time so the base and the wax does not get ruined.
5. Wait for wax to cool for approx a few moments then use the scraper at a 45 degree angle to the base and scrap the excess wax away from the ski. (This is a cleaning step to remove contaminants form the base of the ski)
6. Apply a thing line of final wax to the ski base.
7. Wait for approx 15 min then scrap similar to before using a 45 degree angel to the base.
8. Use the end of the way scrapper to remove excess wax from the ski edges.
9. Ski!