Introduction: How to Wax a Bow String - Bow Maintenance

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So you've gone and made a pretty significant investment and bought a compound bow. Whether this is your first bow you've ever owned, or your tenth, you'll want to maintain it to keep the investment in tip top shape for as long as possible.

One of the most important, but least flashy, parts of the bow are the strings. The strings need some routine maintenance just like any moving part on a tool or machine. Here is how to make sure your strings are waxed and cared for, this way you know you can rely on them to accurately make that important shot when the game you're hunting is 30 yards away, broadside!

Things you'll need: your bow, dental floss, bow string wax for synthetic fiber bow strings

1. You'll first want to remove the old wax on your strings. You can do this with a piece of dental floss. Wrap the floss around the string tightly and slide the floss up and down the string. You'll see the old dirty wax peel right off of the strings. If your strings are already dried out to the point where they have frayed, you can skip this part as you'll only further damage and fray your strings.

2. Once the old wax has been removed, it's time to apply the new wax. Apply the wax to your strings generously. The parts of the string that are already protected with the black 'tape' near the cams and release do not need to be waxed. We don't want wax getting into the cams.

3. After applying the wax generously, use your fingers to rub the wax into the strings. You'll be creating some friction and heat, which is good, as this is what will 'melt' the wax into the strings.

After these three easy steps, you're ready to get back out there and shoot your bow some more!