Introduction: How to Wax a Surfboard Like a Pro

Materials Needed: Surf-wax i.e. basecoat and regular wax (acquired for the temperature of the water you surf in and preferably sticky bumps), a surfboard, a flat surface to rest your board and a wax comb.

Step 1: Step One:

Place the surfboard on a flat surface so when you wax the board it will not create pressure creases on the bottom of the board.

Step 2: Step 2:

Make diagonal lines with the basecoat wax towards the nose of the board so there are several “X’s” up towards the nose. (Where you wax up to on the board depends on your preference, stance and maneuvers you do.) I typically like to break the wax in half because it helps get the job done faster.

Step 3: Step 3

Slowly fill in the “X” with the basecoat so eventually there is not any blank spots without wax on the desired area you want wax on. This will make a thin but full layer of wax on the board. Use a vertical hand gesture to apply the wax. It again depends on your preference how close you want the wax to go to the rail.

Step 4: Step Four

This will make it so it is easy to apply the topcoat and it will not make it seem messy. Take the regular wax (I choose to use Tour Series by sticky bumps), and rub the wax on using small counter clockwise movements with your arm. This will start to make the beautiful little bumps of wax you want.

Step 5: Step Five

Now, you can stroke the wax vertically up and down on the board and horizontally. This will give you more grip on the board. This will also create larger and better humps if you want it to look really nice.

Step 6: Step 6

With the wax comb, give the board a couple light strokes using the more jagged side. This will make the wax a little more fresh feeling and give it more grip. This is because it mixes it up and does not always have to be used to remove wax.

Step 7: Step 7

Go surf and reapply wax if needed!