Introduction: How to Weave Paper Baskets

This is a tutorial on how to weave baskets. I strongly agree that this tutorial is meant for you!

Step 1: Cut Construction Paper (colour of Your Choice) 5cm by 12.5cm, 17 Times

Step 2: Fold First Piece of Paper Horizontally.

Step 3: Once Again Fold Horizontally.

Step 4: Fold in Half Vertically.

Step 5: Unfold the Part When You Folded It Vertically, So It Brings It Back to the Third Step, Then Fold Each Side Equally to the Centre of the Paper Vertically.

Step 6: Now It Should Look Like This. Repeat This Step for Each Cut Out Piece of Paper.

Step 7: Intersect the Folded Pieces of Paper So They Are Now Together. (No Glue or Tape Needed)

Step 8: Keep Adding on Till You Run Out of Your 17 Cut and Folded Pieces of Paper.

Step 9: Finishing Product of the Pieces of Paper Intersecting.

Step 10: Make the Front Folded Paper and Back Folded Paper Intersect So It Looks Like a Circle.

Step 11: Do This Once More, Then Place the Second Ring of Paper on Top the First One, It Should Fit Perfectly. You Can Add Glue or Tape If Needed. and to Accessorise You Can Also Add a Handle and a Base on Your Basket.