Introduction: How to Wheelie

Have you ever wanted to do a wheelie on your dirt bike and didn’t know how My name is Colton and today I will be showing how to properly start up and wheelie a dirt bike like a pro. I’m just kidding I’m no pro in fact not even close. I just ride in my free-time and got pretty good at performing a wheelie.


One dirt bike
PPE,helmet googles etc.

Step 1: Start Up

First off acquire a dirt bike, then allow time for the dirt bike to warm so the motor doesn’t cause more wear and tear on the bike then needed. If the bike has time to warm up every time it gets ridden the motor will last longer. It usually takes a normal bike a bike about 10 to 15 minutes to warm up

Step 2: Pre-Ride Check

After the bike has warmed up, check oil in the sight glass and make sure it’s at the correct level. The sight glass is a little glass window type thing which most of the time is by the back brake, which is at the right foot when sitting on the bike. Also, you should check your clutch and make sure it doesn't stick or feel like its catching on something. The chain should also be check and lubricated. The amount of slack in your chain should be at most three fingers between the little plastic wear piece on top of your swing arm where the chain runs.

Step 3: Finding a Safe Place to Wheelie

Get on payment or a hard surface so the bike doesn’t side out from underneath the rider when trying to wheelie. This for the safety of the rider and on payment the dirt bike has more traction, which will in turn make it way easier to wheelie. if on payment find a road that is not high traffic so if wipe out happens the likeliness of getting struck by a car is lowered.

Step 4: The Wheelie

Lastly you can try to give it the beans and pull back on the handle bars at the same time. This should lift up the front tire of the bike off the ground, this is called a wheelie. if the bike didn’t have enough power or torque to do it, pull the clutch in and give it gas then let the clutch out rapidly. Usually if it comes to clutching up a bike it will bring its self-down smoothly. If the bike had enough power to pop up with ease, you have to be careful so you don’t pop it up so much that it comes and lands on the rider and the landing will be a little harder landing this way.

Step 5: What Happens If the Bike Lifts Too Far?

On a side note if the bike comes up too far and ends up bucking off the rider .The bike will keep going forward and not hurt the rider, or it can come back and land on the rider either breaking a part of the rider body or just giving him a good bruise.Coming from a personal experience doing what I just explained hurts and damages the bike too.