Introduction: How to Win the Lottery

Not many people can say they've won the lottery.  It's not exactly common. However, with these helpful steps you come closer to winning at least!

Step 1: Stay Optimistic

Stay positive but also be realistic.  Chances are slim that you'll win, but the more tips you can read up on, the better you'll do.

Step 2: Never Pick Random Numbers

Statistically, you'll do better if you pick your own numbers.  Go with your gut.  Choose your lucky numbers.  Or you could be more mathematical about it and try something like The Delta Lottery System .

Step 3: Never Play Games With Computer Generated Balls

There are some rumors going around that computer generated balls some games use are not secure.  There is a greater chance they could be manipulated or hijacked.  Stick with the games that deal with ping pong balls or similar.

Step 4: Play a Lottery Game That Has Lower Jackpots and Fewer Players

This will up your chances of winning.  Think lower numbers, more chances.  It's called statistics.

Step 5: Be Patient

Keep playing.  The more you play, the better the chances that you'll win.  Good luck!