Introduction: How to Winterize a Jetski

Introduction: How to Properly Winterize a Personal Water Craft (PWC)

Many people use their PWC’s hard during the summer months. When it comes time to put them away for winter, often times owners do not how to do it, and are forced to pay the dealership’s high fees to do it. It is a simple task that most people can accomplish if they know what they are doing. These instructions will walk you through the steps of winterizing a PWC from start to finish.

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Step 1: Pre-Winterization Step

a. Thoroughly wash and dry PWC for the storage of winter.

b. I highly recommend doing this to keep your PWC in the best condition.

Step 2: Treat Gas

a. Determine a rough estimate of how much gas is in the fuel tank and pour the proper amount of Sta-bil into the tank. Sta-bil can be purchased at any auto parts store for a relatively cheap price.

Step 3: Tip Up to Drain

a. Park your PWC on level ground and lift the front of the trailer as high as it will go to allow water to drain out of the rear.

Step 4: Start Engine

a. Start engine while PWC is still tipped upwards, and move handle bars from side to side until all water has drained out of the jet pump.
b. You may need to repeat this step more than once, but do not leave running for more than 30 seconds at a time.

Step 5: Fog the Engine

a. Turn on the PWC and spray fogging oil into each cylinder until it stalls out. Remove spark plugs and then spray in each spark plug hole to help lubricate and protect the engine.

Step 6: Remove Battery

a. Using the correct tools, remove battery cables from the battery.

b. Then, remove the battery and place on a trickle charger in a heated location for the winter.

c. The trickle charger keeps the battery from being depleted from non-use.

Step 7: Cover and Store

a. Once all steps have been completed, place cover on PWC and safely store for winter.