How to Wire Wrap a Flower Hair Fork



Introduction: How to Wire Wrap a Flower Hair Fork

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In this Instructable, I will be showing you how to wire wrap a flower hair fork. The hair fork design was inspired by MusawwarCreations' hair fork at and the flower design is by me. Hope you enjoy!


- 24 gauge round wire

- 12 gauge round wire

- ruler

- ball-peen hammer

- sandpaper of three grits (smooth to rough)

- wire cutters (I recommend both heavy duty and flush cutters)

- bail-making pliers

- nylon-jaw pliers

- round nose pliers

- chain nose pliers

- block for hammering

Step 1: Snip the Wire

Snip 7 inches of 12 gauge wire

Step 2: Bend

Bend the 12 gauge wire in half to form a U shape

Step 3: Make a Loop

Use the largest loop on the bail making pliers to make a loop in the center of the wire

Step 4: Bend Outwards

Using chain nose pliers, bend the wire outwards at the point where the loop meets itself (2.5 cm or 1 inch down from the top).

Step 5: Bend Again

Using round nose pliers or your fingers, bend the wire on both sides in at about 1.25 cm from the bottom of the loop so it looks like a diamond.

Step 6: Bend Some More

Using round nose pliers or your fingers, bend the wires out again after 1.25 more cm. Each diamond shape should be about 2.5 cm or 1 inch long.

Step 7: Bend Some More Again

Repeat the bending twice more until you get to the bottom.

Step 8: Bend the Bottom Wires

Bend the bottom wires out again slightly using chain nose pliers.

Step 9: Make the Wires Even

Snip the wires so they are even with one another. The second pic is of the other side.

Step 10: Hammer Using the Flat Side

Hammer both sides with the flat side of the ball-peen hammer.

Step 11: Hammer Using the Round Side

Hammer both sides of the fork using the round side of the ball-peen hammer.

Step 12: Sand

Sand the bottom of the hair fork so it doesn't poke anybody. Start with the roughest grit, then work your way to the smoother grits.

Step 13: Make the Flower Portion

Take 24-gauge wire. Leave a 2-inch tail and wrap it 20 full times around a ruler.

Step 14: Snip the End

Snip the end and leave another 2-inch tail.

Step 15: Remove the Flower

Slide the wire off the ruler, making sure it does not twist on itself or spring out of your hand.

Step 16: Slide Onto Hair Fork

Slide the wires onto one end of the hair fork (put the tine of the fork into the loops).

Step 17: Fan

Fan out the wires like so--be careful not to let them twist out of your hand. You could use tape here though I didn't.

Step 18: Wrap

Wrap one end of the wire around one end of the hair fork a few times. Then cross that wire over to the other side in a figure 8 weave.

Step 19: Figure-8 Weave

Do the figure-8 weave a couple of times.

Step 20: Finish the Wrap

Wrap the end of that wire a few times around one tine of the hair fork.

Step 21: Trim

Trim the wire

Step 22: Tuck

Tuck in the wire end so it doesn't poke anybody

Step 23: Wrap the Other Tail End

Wrap the other tail end of the wire around one tine of the hair fork a few times. Trim and tuck in the end.

Step 24: Finished!

This is what the finished hair fork looks like!

Step 25: To Make the One on the Left...

Put the flower in front of the hair fork. Use some wire to attach it to the hair fork and connect the two tines together. Wrap the two wire ends loosely down each tine of the fork. Trim and tuck the ends. Use more wire to attach the petals of the flower to the hair fork so they don't flop around. And that's it!

Enjoy your creation and send it as gifts or wear it yourself in your hair!

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