Introduction: How to Wire Wrap a Square Pendant

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This is an instructable on how to wire wrap a square pendant. Inspired by CSLDesigns.


square bead or cabochon

two 25 inch pieces of 20 gauge wire

one 2 meter long piece of 26 gauge wire

chain nose pliers

wire cutters

round nose or bail making pliers

three small round cabochons (optional)

Step 1: Frame

In the center of both pieces of the 20 gauge wire, make a loop. Make two loops opposite that one to form a square that fits just inside your square cabochon.

Step 2: Measure

Measure the height of your stone and add .5 cm to that to get the distance you need to wrap between the frame wires.

Step 3: Wire Weaving the Bezel

(This part is inspired by CSLDesigns.) Take your 26 gauge wire and start by weaving four times around one wire. Then cross over to the other side, making sure you keep the wires spaced apart, and wrap eight times around the wire there. Keep going, wrapping eight times around one wire, then crossing over to the other side and wrapping eight times around there as well.

Step 4: Corners

When you get to the corners, if you haven't completed your eighth wrap, cross over to the adjacent edge and finish wrapping there, then cross over to the other wire on the first side and keep wrapping. If you've already completed your eighth wrap, just cross over to the other wire on the next edge. Constantly check to make sure your stone fits the bezel.

Step 5: Bail

When you get the fourth side done, give the wires a twist at the top to secure them. Then arrange the two wires you're going to use for your bail in a V shape, and start a figure eight weave with those wires (two wraps on one side, cross over, two wraps on the other side). Wrap until you get to the top of your bail.

Step 6: Bail, Cont.

When you get to the top of your bail, fold the wires inward so they form a diamond shape and keep on wrapping, making sure to press down the other side of the wires from the side you are working on.

Step 7: Bail, Cont.

Once you've finished wrapping the bail, put your round nose or bail making pliers pliers over the bail and wrap the bail over them so the bail wires touch the wires on the other side of the pendant. Wrap the ends of the bail wires so that they're tucked away inside the bail and trim the wires.

Step 8: Rose

For decoration, you can add a rose to the front of your bail. If you have square wires, twist them now to make twisted wire. Take the two wires we didn't use and bring them both to one side. Bring the second wire under the first wire and keep doing this to form a rose.

Step 9: Optional Step

This is optional, but you can take the three small cabochons you have, put them between the loops on the pendant, and wire wrap the same bezel from earlier around them. Just make sure they fit inside the bezel.

Step 10: You're Done!

You're done! Here is the finished pendant, front and back, respectively.