Introduction: How to Wood Grain Your Surfboard

this is a basic method to getting that wood look it can be done on any paintable surface.

Step 1: How to Do Woodgrain on a Surfboard the Easy Way :)

The paint I use is a very basic acrylic black.

In reality it can be any colour you like for the “Grain “part


Step 1. get a surfboard

Step 2. sand the surfboard with about 180grit so there is NO SHINEY SPOTS!!!!!!!!!

Step 3 get a rag YES a rag chucks cloth works well.

Step 4 dip the rag into the chosen acrylic paint (just a little)

Step 5 drag the rag up the entire board in relatively straight lines some little bumps n squiggles are good.

Once you have the style you want wait till its touch dry. Then poor brush or rag (using another rag) your Acrylic wood stain get it from a hardware shop have a look at the examples of colours they have select the one you like.

Step 6 once you have got the colour you want be it light or dark what ever let it dry for at least a week yes a week we want it to STAIN the board.

Step 7 once dried use an acrylic clear coat to seal it all in I use automotive paint

From a spray can always do a little test patch to make sure it is compatible with the gear you have already used a good safe way is to use all the same brand paint.

Safety: use a mask tie ya hair back or cover it with a bandana (looks cool as well)

Use gloves if you don’t want paint on ya hands and remember the stain is exactly that “STAIN DON’T GET IT ON YA NICE WHITE SHIRT” and if it gets on ya hands Acetone can help clean it off.

Remember to tape up the bits you don’t want done use 3m blue tape it works well

So Cheers dudes show me ya pix when you’re done id live to see them.

Any questions about it just ask im more than happy to help