How to Wrap Your Christmas Gifts + DIY Christmas Room Makeover



Introduction: How to Wrap Your Christmas Gifts + DIY Christmas Room Makeover

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I have filmed a Youtube video on my room transformation which is linked. But as an added bonus on Instuctables I am sharing how I wrapped my christmas gifts to make them extra special.

Step 1:

To start with, wrap all of your gifts in brown paper.

  1. Wooden Star Wrap

You will need:

Small wooden stars


Double sided tape

Paint and paint tray

Cotton tips

Wrapping paper


Step 2: Painted Star Dots

Using a Cotten tip start by painting small dots onto the wrapped present. Do so in a random start like pattern.

Step 3: Add Twine

Once your paint has dried wrap twine around the present a few times.

Step 4: Add Wooden Stars

Before tying off your twine add your small wooden starts to the lend of twine at the front of your present.

Step 5: Name

You should add enough star to spell out the name of the gifts receiver

Step 6: Bow

Tie off your twine in a bow at the top of your present.

Step 7: Painting the Name

the final step is to paint on the name of your loved one onto the wooden stars.

Step 8: And Your First Gift Is Finished

Step 9: Gra​dient Gold Wrap

  • Gradient Gold Wrap

You will need:

Gold spray paint



Envelope stencil

Double sided tape

Card paper

Wrapping paper

Step 10:

Trace envelope stencil on the reverse side of the paper card

Step 11: Cut It

Cut out the shape of the envelope

Step 12: Washi Tape

Fold the envelope into shape along the lines of pen and use washi tape to close

Step 13: Spray Paint

Use gold spray paint to colour the brown wrapping paper in a gradient effect

Step 14: Twine

Loop twine continuously around the centre of the present

Step 15: Centre

tie it off at the centre of the present

Step 16: Bow

Add a bow

Step 17: Finished

And the card to finish!

Step 18: Lacey Lace

  • Lace trim Wrap

You will need: Paint and paint brush

Double sided tape

Holly Lace

Wrapping paper

Step 19: Paint

Paint on the receiver's name onto the wrap

Step 20: Lace

Use the Lace to underline the name

Step 21: Holly to Finish

Add Holly to the top corner with double sided tape to finish.

Step 22: Berry Nicely Wrapped

  • Berry nicely wrapped

You will need: Fake berries

Sparkly washi tape

Double sided tape

Swing tages

Wrapping paper

Step 23: Berry

Use double sided tape to stick down berries

Step 24: Tag

Loop name tage through the end of the berry branch

Step 25: Washi Tape to Finish

Finish with washi tape criss crossed over the present like ribbon

Step 26: Present Wrapping 4 Ways

To see more DIYs by me, click the link to view my Christmas Room Transformation

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