Introduction: How to Wrap a Gift Box

In this intractable you will follow our instructions to learn how to properly wrap a gift! All you will need to complete your wrapped gift is a gift box, wrapping paper, scissors, tape, and a bow. Warning: scissors can be dangerous to small children, parental supervision is advised. Now.... time to wrap your gift!!!!

Step 1: Materials Needed

· Wrapping paper

· Box

· Tape

· Scissors

· Bow

Step 2: Roll Out Wrapping Paper

Roll out wrapping paper design down.

Step 3: Lay Box on the Center of Rolled Out Paper

Place box in the center of rolled out paper.

Step 4: Cut the Paper

Cut the paper along the roll side with the outlined squares and cut along a dotted line. Leave enough paper to overlap gift.

Step 5: Fold Paper

Fold paper over box to meet at the middle. If necessary trim the paper so that the two sides just overlap each other. Make sure to pull paper tightly so that there is no open space between the wrapping paper and the box.

Step 6: Tape Paper on Center Down

Pull paper tightly to overlap at the center of the box then tape the overlapping paper down. Trim excess paper off the sides to leave roughly 2 inches of paper hanging off.

Step 7: Fold Sides

On one side of the box, fold the excess paper to create a crease along the top.

Step 8: Make Edges

On one side of the box, fold sides of paper inwards to create two 45 degree flaps.

Step 9: Fold Edges

Fold bottom flap up and tape to box.

Step 10: Rotate the Box

Rotate the box and repeat step 6-8 on the other side

Step 11: Place Bow

Remove adhesive and place bow on desired location.