Introduction: How to Wrap a Poinsettia Pot With Dollar Store Wrapping Paper

After making your poinsettias or flowers, decorating the pot is essential to making it complete.

Step 1: How to Wrap a Pot With Decorative Wrapping Paper

What you need:

A Pot (you can decide whether it's a plastic vase or the porcelain ones)

Wrapping Paper (here I used the Gold foil wrapping paper from the dollar store). My paper was about 21 inches by 21 inches.

Hot Glue and Glue Gun

First, Put hot glue at the bottom of the vase.

Next, Place the vase in the middle of the wrapping paper. Make sure that the part of the wrapping paper you want others to see is facing outwards (or downwards when placing vase on top).

Step 2: Hot Glue Side of Vase

Put hot glue on the side all around the vase.

Step 3: Wrap the Pot

Pick two opposite ends of the wrapping paper, slide both hands under the paper, and press the paper firmly against the vase. This will cause the paper to stick to the vase because of the hot glue that was placed there earlier. Do the same for the other two ends.

Once that is done, there might be leftover wrapping paper on the side. Following one direction, put hot glue on the back of the leftover wrapping paper and press it against the vase. This will create a clean, consistent look.

Step 4: More Glue

Finally, put more glue on the top of the vase where you place your marbles, stones, or Styrofoam ball. Next, press the wrapping paper closest to it against the glue. This way, it will cover the vase nicely and beautifully.

Now you are done!

Thank you!

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