Introduction: How to Wrap Your Lighter With Paracord

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This Instructable will show you how to wrap a lighter (or other object) In paracord.

I Recently bought some paracord after browsing instructables and decided to make my own 'Ible

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need

-Some paracord (length of paracord needed varies)
-A lighter
-An object to wrap
-Something to cut the paracord with
-Something to mesure the paracord and object you're wrapping

Step 2: Mesuring Paracord and Object

-Mesure the object you're wrapping, In this case my lighter is 3" long. The general rule is use 1ft of paracord for every inch

-Mesure the amount of paracord you need and cut it

-Then use your lighter to melt the end of the paracord to stop the inner strands from coming out

Step 3: Tying the Knot

Now we get on to the tying of the paracord.

-Fold paracord in half

-Take the cord on the right hand side and loop it so it goes over the left and itself

-Take the cord on the left side and loop it over the right cord and underneath itself

-Take the left hand side cord and push it through the right loop

-Tighten slightly so nothing comes undone

-Push object through the square between the two loops

-Tighten onto the object

(see images for better understanding)

Step 4: Wrapping the Object

This is how to wrap the object after the first knot

-Take the cord on the left and loop it over the object

-Take the cord on the right and loop it over the left cord and under the object

-Pull the left cord through the loop in the right cord

-Tighten and push down (being careful not to slide the wrapping off of the object)

Step 5: Lather Rinse Repeat

Continue previous step but on the opposite side

-Right goes over the object

-Left goes over the Right and under the object

-Right goes through the Left loop

-Tighten and push down

Step 6: Finishing Off

After you've wrapped your object untill you are happy you're going to need to make sure that the cord wont unravel

-Use your cutting tool to trim the cord leaving a little bit fairly close to the wrapping

-Then use your lighter to melt the cord
(I reccomend using something flat and hard to press the molten cord to, this will make the cord flaten out around the unmelted wrapping. Also the molten nylon may stick to the surface. so don't do this on your priceless funiture)

Step 7: Finished

You now have a lighter or object wrapped in paracord

I've left a gap at the bottom of the lighter and this may cause problems, however i did this because some lighters are re-fuelable and i didn't want to unwrap every time i had to re fuel.

Thanks for reading my 'ible and i hope it was easy to understand