How to Wrestle in a Wrestling Match

Introduction: How to Wrestle in a Wrestling Match

My Instructable is going to be on how to wrestle properly in a wrestling match. I chose this topic because wrestling has been a part of my life since I was in middle school and has built me into the man I am today. It teaches you discipline, hard work, dedication, and self-reliability. Although you can get many of these traits from other sports, wrestling taught me this the best due to its’ rough nature and the fact that although you are on a team, it is only you and your opponent on the mat.


Required Materials

Wrestling mat

Wrestling shoes



Step 1: Be in a Low Stance

Your wrestling stance is crucial towards your success in wrestling. The lower you are, the tougher it makes you to get taken down. Standing up exposes your legs and makes it easy for the opponent to take you down and get you into a vulnerable state. Staying in a position with your elbows in will make your defense stronger. This part of the match is called the "neutral" position.

Step 2: Have a Strong Base on the Bottom

When in the bottom position, you want to always have a strong base. To do this you must always have your hands and feet beneath you, not just laying on your stomach. You must then keep your elbows in and prevent your opponent from getting under your arms. If he cannot get under your arms, it will make it difficult for him to score. Lastly, you want to get control of his hands so that you can get away or get on top for points.

Step 3: Wrestling From the Top Position

From here your primary goal is to flatten your opponent and get him to his back. You can only earn points by turning your opponent to their back or in some formats you will earn points for every minute you hold them down from the top. To earn these points you will really want to get hand control and keep all your body weight on his back so that you seem heavy.

Step 4: The Final Product

With these basic skills down, you should be able to control your opponent. Wrestling can be very difficult but the best way to handle it is by dumbing it down and just sticking to the basics. A wrestler that can hit hundreds of moves decently will never out perform a wrestler that can hit three moves perfectly.

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