How to Write Calligraphy for Beginners

Introduction: How to Write Calligraphy for Beginners

You may think calligraphy is extremely hard or maybe you think it’s incredibly easy. Whatever may be your views, this instructable will help you write in beautiful handwriting and impress your friends and family. Calligraphy can be used for cards, art and believe it or not, homework! So let’s get “write” into it! 😜

Step 1: Work on Your Normal Handwriting

Calligraphy is the art of writing beautifully. If you’re handwriting isn’t that great or if it’s your first time doing calligraphy, work on your normal handwriting and make it the best you can. Remember to loosen your hands when they hurt and write in a way where your hand and body is comfortable and make sure your handwriting is legible.

Step 2: Starting Calligraphy

Now that you’ve worked on your normal handwriting, it’s time to work on your calligraphy. The way I do mine is very simple. It leans towards the cursive side, so it can be a little loopy. While writing these letters, when your pen/pencil moves upwards, the line has to be thin and when it moves downwards, it has to be thicker. You can research a few excercises to help you write in this way better.

Step 3: End Step

And you’ve done it! You have understood how to write calligraphy. If you have been using a pencil all this while, try moving on and using a normal or calligraphy pen instead. I hope this instructable was useful to you. If it was, be sure to like it, share it, follow me and comment down below your doubts, opinions and of course, your work. (I’m beginning to sound like a YouTuber lol 😂). Thanks for reading!

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