Introduction: How to Write Programs on Ti83/84 Plus

This little trick will help you through many tests including the ACT, SAT, AP and IB.

Step 1: Setting It Up

First hit the PRGM key on your calculator and scroll to the right 2 times. Hit enter. Type in the name. I will be making a quadratic formula program so mine will be called QUAD. Then hit enter.

Step 2: Writing the Program

There are 2 parts of the program, the prompts and the display. For the prompts hit the PRGM key, tab over once and hit 2. Then type in your variables using commas in between. For the Display section hit the PRGM key, tab over once and hit 3. Now type In Your equation. I will type in the quadtratic formula. Because the quadratic formula has a plus or minus symbal I will have to type in one equation with a plus and another with a minus. You can separate these two equations with a comma. Then hit 2nd and mode to get off your program, Your done.

Step 3: Using Your Program

To use this program during a test you will hit the PRGM key and scroll down to the one you want. Hit enter, then hit enter again and type in your variables. When you type in the last one it will spit out your answer. If you want to graph your anser( for quadratic I do) go to Y= and type in the original equation. Then hit graph and since the values are stored into the variables it should graph with the same solutions. To Edit your program hit the PRGM key and tab over 1 time to edit, scroll down to the right one and hit enter.

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