How to Write an Instruction Using Instructables

Introduction: How to Write an Instruction Using Instructables

This document shows how to use instructables for writing an instruction.

Step 1:

Open the internet browser (preferably Firefox or Google chrome) and type the URL

Step 2:

This window will comes up. Or Google can be used to find instructables, type the word Instructables.

Step 3:

Once the Instructable web page is opened, click on login

Step 4:

Click on Google+, Facebook or Twitter account (if you have one) to sign in. If you don’t have or don’t want to use them. You can create one by signing up.

Step 5:

Start to write your instruction, click on “write and instructable”

Step 6:

Type the name of your instruction and click on Start instruction

Step 7:

This window will come up. Click on add images

Step 8:

Choose images that will be useful to illustrate your instructions (these images/pictures have been saved previously). The images could be storage in the computer’s folder or USB drive. Click on browse

Step 9:

Shade the pictures by clicking on left button (mouse) and holding shift (keyboard). Once you shaded the pictures click open.

Step 10:

Click on upload

Step 11:

When all the pictures have been uploaded, click on done

Step 12:

Your screen must look like this. Pictures at the top

Step 13:

Start adding pictures to your instruction by dragging from the top (using the mouse)

Step 14:

Click on add steps to write your instruction. You repeat this step until your instruction is completed. Drag pictures from the top as the previous step to illustrate your instruction.

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