Introduction: How to Write in 3D Bubble Writing

Do you want to write in 3d Bubble Writing? Well this is the right place for you! This picture is what you will end up with.

Step 1: The Start of Out Word

Start with the Word you want to write, for now it's LOL write it down or remember it.second of all write it in bubble writing like so

Step 2: The 3 of the 3D

Then go to the top left corner of The letter and draw a 45 degrees line(doesn't need to be accurate) and then to the bottom of the letter and draw a 0 degrees line and join them up, we're not finished yet! Remember to repeat this on every letter For O's there will be a bonus step!

Step 3: The D of 3D

So now you have done step 1,2 you want to know step 3 well it's basic. If there is a cube left on the top left Make sure to join them up and you are done! You can do shading for a more 3D feel.

Step 4: The Extra O

So to do O's you will have your 2d bubble O so you go back about 1 cm and make a big the same size and you are done! Hope you like what you have made.