Introduction: How to Write Using Duct Tape

After making a few other things out of duct tape, I wondered what else I could make from man's greatest invention that would be worthy of the "Duct Tape Tough" contest. After some thinking, I came up with this. "How to Write using Duct Tape". It may be pretty simple, but the final product can look very neat. Just look in the photos. I made one to hold all my sketches and designs for future projects. Notice the fancy-dancy light bulb. So if you think you're ready, go to the next step and get started.

Step 1: Supplies

All the supplies needed to make this are
            -small exacto knife or any other craft knife
            -a role of duct tape
            -a binder
   Now when you find a binder to use for this, try not to use one with the clear plastic screen on the front. If you do have one like this, cut off the clear plastic part. All it will do is screw things up. Onto the construction.

Step 2: Drawing the Pattern

Initially, rip your piece of duct tape off to whatever length you want. Lay it down and stick it there. Now you can use the craft knife to trim it down to the right length. After that's all done, use your pen to draw out the what you want it to read. Make sure you do this in block letters, so all you'll have to do later is trace them. If you really want to, use a stencil to make it more professional. Once you've got your pattern, you can move on to cutting it out.

Step 3: Cutting It Out and Peeling the Letters Off

This step may be self explanatory, but there are some tricks to getting it done
        -Go slow. This may seem obvious, but it makes all the difference
        -Make sure to entirely cut the corners. This will reduce the amount of stringy things
        -Be careful on curves
  Once you have a letter cut out, you can peel it off. You'll probably want to use the tip of your craft knife to get it started before pulling it off the rest of the way. Even after all this hard work, you may still be left with strings. You will want to cut these off and trim down the edges to make it look nice.

Now even though you will probably use this method mainly to do writing, you can also use it for doing pictures.

Step 4: Doing Pictures

As I mentioned earlier, you can also do pictures using this method. Depending on the size of your picture, you may need to lay down 2 to 3 strips of duct tape, side by side. Try not to overlap. After this, most of the steps will be the same as in the writing. Find your pattern, cut it out, and peel the pieces off. When you cut, try to cut out your picture in sections. This will reduce the amount of errors made. And in the end, you be left with one beautiful binder.

     Give this project a chance, take your time and see what happens. Be creative and experiment with things a bit. I put writing on the side. Come up with your own unique twists. And most of all, have fun.
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