Introduction: How to Zombie Proof Your House!

Hello, my name is Brennan and in this instructable I will be showing you how to zombie proof your house and survive the apocalypse!

Step 1: Food, Water, and Medicine

Food, water and medicine will be very crucial during the zombie apocalypse or any survival situation. So be sure that you have reliable sources for all of these valuable resources. Consider growing a garden because this is a very reliable resource but before planting always check what grows well in your area. Aloe vera is an amazing plant because you can eat it and it has many medicinal uses. For instance you can break off a leaf and apply it to a burn and it will heal faster. Chickens are also very important as they supply three things eggs, meat, and manure, the eggs and the meat have a lot of protein and not a lot of fat and the manure can be used to make compost and improve the soil in the garden. We live by the water (SF bay) so we can get water from there and then filter it and purify it using a solar still then it is safe to drink. The bay also supplies us with fish and aquatic plants such as cattail which can be eaten and are very healthy. We have an open space above our house which can be used for hunting and expanding our garden. It is good to have books or knowledge about native edible plants and fungi because they can be eaten and are quite nutritious.

Step 2: Defense and Safety

You absolutely need to have defense for your community to protect it from the undead. Defenses can be as simple as living on top of a hill to making your own weapons. Here are some ways to defend your property and resources! the art of flintknapping is when you take a piece of obsidian, flint, chert, or basalt and shape it by hitting it at the right angle with a rock of greater density or by taking off flakes with a flaking tool the result is an arrowhead or spearhead which can be made into weapons. Also having a forge and blacksmithing equipment is valuable because then you can make knives and other tools by heating it up and then shaping it with a hammer. Living in a secluded place or on the top of a steep hill is a form of defense as they are harder to find and/or climb up. Having a lot of tools is also helpful because then you can make additions or upgrades to your sanctuary. Having a bug out vehicle is also good because if you need to flee then you can or you can just use it to make a run for supplies. We have a Subaru Outback and it was rated the best car for a survival situation in 2015, and I absolutely agree.

Step 3: Scavenging 101

Scavenging is a great way to get things that you need or want. To scavenge you need to find a place where items will accumulate like an abandoned house, store, junkyard, or ranch, just anywhere where you can find objects of value. And then you just have to start digging around for stuff that you might need. Be sure to bring a reliable vehicle and containers like a buckets or a a bag so that you can contain your findings. Then bring it back to your camp and hopefully it will help your people thrive.

Step 4: Other Helpful Things

It is also very good to have things such as a radio for communications, or an all terrain vehicle for transportation, but one of the most important things is a well stocked library because you can always go back to it if you need to learn or remember anything. Science equipment is useful as well because then you can research the zombie virus and potentially make a cure. Anything that we will be of value like jewelry, gems, things like that are valuable as well. Ammunition will not only be valuable but it will also be crucial to survive so it is good to learn to make it. Well that just about sums it up thank you for reading Brennan's guide to the apocalypse! I hope you survive.

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