Introduction: How to Add a SATA Hard Drive to Your Computer

Time needed: 5 - 10 minutes
Skill level needed: none

The first step when messing around with a computer is safety.
To ensure that you do not shock yourself or the computer, wearing an Anti-static wristband will absorb any charge you may carry.
The harm that could come from not wearing this Anti-static wristband is your computer. A single shock to your computer could fry it and you would have to get yourself a whole new one.
To start you will only need 3 materials
1. Anti-Static Wristband
2. SATA Hard Drive
3. Phillips Screwdriver

Step 1: Opening Up Your Computer

Before opening your computer, make sure that everything is unplugged from your computer.
Opening a computer is usually pretty simple, a screwdriver may be needed to open up your computer, in this case a Phillips screwdriver was used. 
Now that your computer is open you will be able to see and add in your hard drive.

Step 2: Removing a SATA Hard Drive

Removing a Hard Drive from a computer is usually very simple and easy.
First start with making sure that you are wearing your Anti static Wristband and that your computer is off.
Once you have done those safety measures it is safe to continue the task.
Remove all cables that are attached to your SATA Hard Drive.

Step 3:

Next you should notice two flat metal pieces on the sides of the Hard Drive, one on each side. (Bottom left and right)
To remove your Hard Drive from the computer press both of these metal pieces towards each other carefully and pull upwards. (Bottom right)
If your Hard Drive is not moving, do not force it, it should come out easy and smooth.

Step 4: Adding a SATA Hard Drive

This is where the Phillips Screwdriver comes in hand.

Unscrew each of the 4 screws to remove the case from your Hard Drive. (Top image)
After you have unscrewed all 4 screws see the second image as a reference to what it should look like. (Bottom image)

To add a Hard Drive to your computer follow these steps,
1. Remove the case using the 2 metal pieces that are attached to the side of it
2. Your Hard Drive should have 4 spots where screws will fit, match those holes with the 4 screws that are attached to the Hard Drive case.
3. Make sure each screw is snug and secure
4. Place your Hard Drive back where you originally found the case that fits it. You will have to press the 2 metal pieces on the side again for the Hard Drive + case to slide in.

Step 5: Plugging It In

There are only 2 cords that need to be plugged in to your Hard Drive, both containing and L shape to them.
Note that there is a small L and a longer L ensuring that you cant plug in the wrong cord. (top)
Both cords that will be plugged in should look just like the second image.(bottom left)
Once both cords are plugged in it should look just like the third image.(bottom right)

Step 6: Aftermath

Now that you have successfully put a Hard Drive into your computer here are some notes for different scenarios.
If you are adding a hard drive to a computer, giving your computer 2 or more Hard Drives, you have nothing else to do just note that this second Hard Drive will show as the D:\ Drive.
If you are replacing your hard drive or putting in your first Hard Drive then there is still one last thing to do. With a new Hard Drive comes the re installation of Windows which should be as simple as inserting a Windows Installation disc, if you do not already have one, they can be found at stores such as Fry's.