Introduction: How to Add a Fake Feather to Your Pencil/pen.

Make your pen or pencil stand out from others. :D Sorry for the bad picture quality.

Step 1: Material

1. Sheet of paper (Used or Old would do well too)
2. Scissors
3. Tape or hot glue gun
4. Yarn or coloured thread
5. Pencil or pen
6. Beads (Optional)

Step 2: Making the Feather.

1. Draw a shape of feather you like on your paper. ( Paper I used is A4 sized cartridge paper which was a bit spoiled)
2. Cut the shape out and fold it in half.
3. Draw a line half or less cm away from the crease. (Depends on how big the feather/ shape is.)
4. Cut diagonally till the line.
5. Keep cutting small lines till it looks like its feathered.
6. Open.

Step 3: Attaching It to the Pencil.

1. Tape or glue your feather to your pencil. (I taped it midway of the pencil)
2. Use your yarn or thread to cover the tape or the bottom part of the paper feather.
3. (Optional) Thread beads through the yarn or glue it to the yarn.
4. Tape or glue together the pencil and feather from the backside so it doesn't fall off.

Step 4: Done!

Its optional but you can also shade or colour the feather and also add more of them.

★Note: It is a bit delicate and can rip off quickly. It can be used as only a show piece if you want to.