Introduction: How to Add a Second Email Account to You Samsung Android

The Samsung Android Email app can be configured to pick up mail from
multiple sources. Google can have more then one email account on it.

Step 1: Apps

Locate the Apps (applications) Menu this is located usually in the bottom right comer of the main screen press it to open up all your Apps. The Applications area is not just where the games are this also is the location where all of your setting on you Android phone can be changed.

Step 2: Locate the Settings Icon

There will be multiple pages and the setting icon is not always on the first page. By sliding you finger across the screen either right to left or left to right. Once you have located the setting bottom tap it once.

Step 3: The Setting Menu

Once you have reached this screen you will need to scroll down( place your finger on the bottom of the screen and slide up slowly) you should four main categories Wireless and networks, Devices, Personal and Motion. Each one of these sections have tools list to change setting for each of these categories. Once you have passed these sections you should see Accounts. Once you see Accounts tap it.

Step 4: Accounts

Once you have tapped the account you will see a + Add
Accounts. Once you click this you will get a list of accounts on your devices. These are the one with the green dots next to them. The one without the green dots are accounts that can be setup on your phone. Like the Personal (IMAP) Internet Message Access Protocol is a protocol for e-mail retrieval and storage these are most commonly used for inter office communication for work. We are going to tap Google because Chemeketa Community College uses email powered by Google.

Step 5: Email Address

This should were it give you the option to add you email address. Type in you full email address and has to be a Google email address or a email powered by Google for this one to work. Once you have enter the whole address press next.

Step 6: Password and Sync

Next you will enter your password and click next. Your device will verfiy your passowrd and you will get the option to sync or synchronize (To transfer data between (two devices) to ensure that the same data is stored on both.) you leave the checks in the information you want to sync and remove them if you do not want them to sync. Finally click next and get ready to check your email on your phone.