Introduction: How to Add Non-steam Games to Your Steam Library

Let's face it: steam is an important part of PC gaming. We get most of our games there and use it to organise most of our games. The only problem is that not all of our games are available on steam, or we don't want to buy them again. In this case we have to find another way to organise the rest of our library, which adds complexity to something that should be simple.

Luckily, there is a way to add those non-steam games to steam, which I am going to show you now.

Step 1: Open Up the Menu

In the bottom-left corner, there is an 'add a game' button. Click on it and a menu should appear. In that menu, click on the 'add a non-steam game' button. A pop-up should appear.

Step 2: Choose Your Games

In that pop-up, steam will search for every program on your computer. Go through that menu and click on the games you want to add. When you have got all of your games, click on 'add selected programs'

Step 3: Done!

Those games should now be in your library! There is one thing to understand is that there are no acheivements or news fees for it, it is only a way to run the game.

Have fun!