Introduction: How to Add Pictures to Your Account

I've noticed that many here have trouble loading images (and i had trouble too when i first joined) so i created this to help all ya out there.

Step 1: Go to You Main Page

>you can access your main page by clicking "you"

Step 2: Scoll Down

>Scroll down the page
>in the bottom left hand corner you'll see "upload files"
>click it

Step 3: Get the Pics

>Click "browse" and go to the file where your "instructables" pictures are

Step 4: Select Files and Upload

>After selecting all files click "up load"

>you should come to a screen that has a triangle with an ! in the center of it

Step 5: You're Done

>Now you can make your instructable more clear and grow as a person.

Step 6: Need Great Pictures??? is constantly uploading pictures and will have some great ones.

Also the have comics, games, funny videos, and great links.