Introduction: How to Add Scripts to RSBot

today i will be showing you how to add a script to RSBot.
This is very simple and will not take that long.

Step 1: 1) Gather Necessary Items

You will need the following things:
1) Java Development Kit - DL -


3)Scripts to add (Can be found at

Step 2: 2)Saving the Code Properly

Usually when you get a script off of powerbot, it is a lot of Java code.  To save this you will need to open notepad (or another editor)  and paste ALL of the code.  When you save it, save it as the name you are told to save it on the page you got the code with the file extension .java.  Save it into the folder named Sources inside of the folder Scripts.

Step 3: 3) Compiling the Scripts

Now go back to the main RSBot folder and double click the Compile-Scripts.bat .  If you get an error, either the source is messed up or you need to fix the .bat file.  To fix the .bat file, right click it and select edit.  Delete all of the code and paste this in there:


TITLE RSBot Scripts

SET cc=javac
SET cflags=
SET scripts=Scripts\Sources
SET scriptspre=Scripts\Precompiled
SET jarpathfile=Settings\path.txt

IF NOT EXIST "%jarpathfile%" (
 ECHO Path file does not exist. Please run RSBot and try again.
 GOTO end

FOR /F "delims=" %%G IN (%jarpathfile%) DO SET jarpath=%%G

CALL FindJDK.bat

IF NOT EXIST %scripts%\*.java (
 ECHO No .java script source files found.
 GOTO end

ECHO Compiling scripts
ECHO. > "%scripts%\.class"
DEL /F /Q "%scripts%\*.class" > NUL
"%cc%" %cflags% -cp "%jarpath%" %scripts%\*.java


It should then work.

Step 4: 4)Have Fun!!

Enjoy all of your new scripts!!  If you liked this instructable, please download this file !!