Introduction: How to Add Video Capabilities to a Treadmill

Treadmills can be a significant investment, and purchasing one that fits your budget may require that you sacrifice certain perks. However, with a bit of creativity you can create an arrangement that allows you to enjoy music or watch movies while you work out.

This setup consists of a laptop and speakers on top of a stack of furniture and other objects designed to raise the screen to a comfortable viewing level.

For this, you will need: (1) a laptop, (2) a set of speakers [optional], (3) enough objects to raise the screen about 40 inches [type and number of objects can vary], and (4) a treadmill or other stationary workout machine.

Step 1:

The first step in this process is to gather some objects to create your base. In this case, a small end table is used in combination with a storage bin and two small boxes. When selecting the objects you will use, be sure to go for ones that will provide a sturdy base, since some potentially expensive equipment will be depending on their stability.

Step 2:

Next, arrange the selected objects into a stack to reach a height of approximately 40 inches. The desired height may vary depending on your setup, so adjust accordingly. Be sure to stack the items in such a way that the base will be secure. Larger, heavier items should be near the bottom, with any smaller or lighter objects closer to the top. Again, stability is of key importance here, so make sure that your tower is stable before continuing.

Step 3:

Next, place the laptop (and speakers, if necessary) on top of the tower. At this point, the height of the tower should be such that you can comfortably view the screen when standing on the treadmill. Check again on the stability of the tower, and make adjustments as needed to ensure that the laptop will not easily fall from its perch.

Step 4:

Finally, position the tower so that the screen is viewable from your position on the treadmill. Slight adjustments may be necessary to meet your specific comfort and power or connectivity needs. Once everything is in place, queue up your entertainment of choice and enjoy your workout!