Introduction: How to Apply Carbon Fiber Vinyl Sheet for Car Interior Trim

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Have you bought the just 3M Di-Noc like carbon fiber sheets for your car interior trim and don't know how to apply them? If yes, then this guide might just come as a pleasant surprise for you. Carbon fiber vinyl sheets come in highly customized packages and cannot be returned back once sold. Hence, it is extremely important to apply them correctly on the first try. Read below to discover the step-by-step process of installing the carbon fiber sheets in your car:

Begin by cleaning the surface where the application will be applied thoroughly. Even the presence of a slight amount of dirt can affect the adhering of the vinyl sheet. The carbon fiber sheets adhere well when the surface of the application is non-textured and smooth without even a single particle of dirt.

Once the surface is clean, take out the pack of carbon fiber sheets, which you ordered for your car. Make sure you carefully unroll the fiber film without messing it up. As you unroll the vinyl sheet, lay out the sheet on your lap, sitting in the upright position. This will enable you to work easily with the sheets while applying them in your car's interiors.

Cut out the unrolled vinyl sheet to the approximate size you desire and then begin the process of sticking the sheet to your application area.

As you apply the sheet on your application area, make sure you press the sheet properly, so that it adheres well to the area.

Once the application process is complete, make use of your fingers or the head of a pen to mark an outline around the shape of your application area.

Once the outline of your application area is clear, take out a sharp utility blade or any other equivalent instrument and carefully trim off the extra vinyl sheet laid around the area.

As the excess of the carbon vinyl fiber sheet is removed, you're all set to admire your clean and shiny new carbon fiber look.

While putting on the carbon fiber vinyl sheet in your car interiors, make sure to press in the vinyl sheet at least 1 inch behind the area of your application. By doing so, you can ensure that the fiber sheet adhesive adheres well with the area. If the fiber sheet is not tucked in properly, the sheet might come off over a certain span of time.

You can also make use of a heat gun for stretching and sticking the vinyl sheet over the curved areas of your car interiors.

By following these tips, you can apply the carbon fiber sheets on your car with ease!

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