Introduction: How to Apply Solid Lotion

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Sure, applying lotion seems like a simple task. However, there are good, better, and best ways to get the most out of your solid lotion stick or solid lotion bar.

Solid lotion is quickly becoming a go-to way to hydrate skin because of a number of key benefits over liquid lotion. The following are benefits of solid lotion that you can experience:

  • Pinpoint dry skin, eczema, rashes, or other skin issues.
  • You get more lotion per ounce because solid lotion contains less water (liquid lotion is on average 50% water)
  • Natural ingredients can help heal
  • Easily stows and mobile
  • Travels easily (won’t leak and spill) and it isn’t subject to the TSA liquid restrictions
  • Your grip won’t be compromised with greasy lotion hands (during sports, typing, hand shaking, etc.)

The following are instructions to use and get the most out of a solid lotion stick. To purchase a lotion stick, you can visit the Parched site.

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Step 1: Dispense Solid Lotion From Bottle

Remove cap and twist the bottom of the solid lotion until it sticks above the rim between 1/8” to 1/4” (or the desired height you would like). A higher amount of lotion will dispense more. Be careful to not dispense the solid lotion too high- it can topple and be wasted if too high above the bottle top.

Step 2: Apply Solid Lotion on Troubled Skin Areas

Rub the solid lotion on the desired dry skin, eczema spots, or other skin area that needs hydration. Imagine applying it like you apply a deodorant or lip balm. Solid lotion FAQs

Cover the dry area in circular motions to make sure it is properly hydrated. The most used places for lotion bars include knuckles, palms, heels, elbows, knees, facial areas, and any areas that have eczema or that are dry.

Solid lotion can also help heal cracked skin or sunburns. The natural ingredients help the skin in many ways. So, use on any skin ailment.

Step 3: Rub in Solid Lotion

Rub the solid lotion into the skin if desired after applying. The solid lotion on top of the skin will naturally soak in if you have warm skin. If your skin is cold, then rubbing it in will help hydrate faster. It is not necessary to rub it in beyond the application, but it can help the moisture soak in quicker.

Rubbing the lotion in will get it on your palms (which is great), but that is a great benefit of solid lotion - you can pinpoint dry skin without getting greasy lotion hands.

Step 4: Storage and Travel of Solid Lotion

Replace cap and store. Solid lotion stores well because it doesn’t spill or leak like liquid lotion. It can travel well because it isn’t a restricted level for TSA checkpoints.

The lotion is small enough to fit in gym bags, briefcases, purses, pockets, glove boxes, dopp kits, carry-on bags, and other places you would need to stow lotion.