How to Arrange Your Work Place + Video

Introduction: How to Arrange Your Work Place + Video

About: Hey Guys! my name is Mohammad and I am an electronic designer specialized on analogue circuits as well as digital circuit like MCU's such as AVR , ARM , PIC or 8051 also sometimes i work and make somethings…

Hi everybody !
Actually i took this video for more than 2 year's ago !!! but now i decide to show you NOW after 2 year's i have my own very Professional electronics and chemical and also mechanical tools in home !!! and always my mom mind me to arrange my work room ! but actually there is never clean and tidy :D (Just instructables members believe my mentions!)

Well , i think this video is much useful for everybody specially for who like's to doing electronics in home and you can also use my idea to ordering work area , i suggest to showing this video for:
1:electronics hobbyists
2:electronics and electrical engineers
3:ALL the Gals and Guys and even children ;-)
4:and everybody that would like to have a tidy place .............

i would say this video won't make you a tidy person with a tidy lab ! you must learn how to arrange your lab , you can use from my method to arrange you lab

PLEASE DON'T leave here without leaving a comment !!!

if you have any question about tools just feel free to ask me

to watching this video please click on the link at the below and wait a sec. to showing this video , remember you must installed flash media player for your browser before

I hope this video be helpful for everybody !!
TAKE CARE MY FRIENDS and have a wonderful day :)

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Soo ;)

    I won't leave that instructable without a comment ;)

    You have realy tidy and organised workspace!
    Hope someday i'll have that much components as you ;)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you very much for your comment ! i don't know why this instructables were poor :)

    I hope you can make your new workshop :)

    Take care ............ Mohammad