How to Assemble a Unicycle

Introduction: How to Assemble a Unicycle

Learn how to correctly assemble a Unicycle so you don't run into any problems with it.
Not assembling your unicycle correctly can be costly.
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    Face the thinner end of the seat to the front. Tighten the seat post clamp bolt then push the leaver down to tighten even more

    unicycle frame and seat post clamp.jpgunicycle frame and seat post clamp.jpg

    Attach the frame to the wheel. The frame of the unicycle must also be put on facing the correct direction, at the top of the frame where the seat post goes there is a small slit and a clip with two holes where the seat post clamp attaches, this is the back of the frame.

    unicycle frame assemble.jpg

    Attach the pedals to the cranks. The pedals should have a (L) for the left pedal and a (R) for the right.

    Unicycle crank and pedal.jpg