How to Assemble the "Harness for Arduino/Seeeduino Kit" by Seed Studio

Introduction: How to Assemble the "Harness for Arduino/Seeeduino Kit" by Seed Studio

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This instructables is on how to assemble the "Harness for Arduino/Seeeduino kit" by Seed Studio.
The Harness is a frame to designed to hold an Arduino and a 9 V battery pack.

Things you'll need:
"Harness for Arduino/Seeeduino kit" from
mini crosspoint screwdriver
Seeeduino, Arduino or other Arduino compatible circuit board.

Step 1: Push All the Plastic Slugs Out of the Harness

Push all the plastic slugs out of the Harness. You can pop them out with your fingernails however if your fingernails are just too dainty you can remove them with your mini screwdriver.

Step 2: Remove the Paper Coating

This picture makes it look pretty easy and sometimes pictures are deceiving. Getting the first corner to lift off the plastic can be challenging. The classic way to get the paper to lift off the plastic is to use your fingernail. If you use your mini screwdriver you made scratch the plastic but if you get desperate this may do the trick. If you're lucky you can get the paper to peel off in one big clean sheet. If you're not lucky you'll need to remove it strip by strip as each piece tears off clawing it like a feral cat. You may try scraping it with the plastic 9 V battery holder. Being that the holder is also made of plastic so it is less likely to scratch. one more thing, I hope you're lucky.

Step 3: Attach the Arduino With Plastic Rivets

Attach the Arduino with plastic rivets.  Do not try and use the little metal screws, save them for later.  If you need help installing the plastic rivets see my handy little photos.  Take a look at the before and after.

Step 4: Add the Rubber Feet

The rubber feet are added in a two-step process. The first step is put the rubber feet in the holes of the plastic. The second step is to push the plastic posts into the rubber feet so that they expand and are retained in the plastic.  The third step is to ponder how nifty these little contraptions are.

Step 5: Add the 9v Battery Holder

This part involves tools. With tools you should be careful (don't lose them).  See the pictures for complete instructions.

Step 6: Power on Dude!

Plug it in and tidy it up.  In the pictures I show how you can pull the wires out, fold them, and tuck them under the battery holder and PCB.  This way with your tidy wires you can show other hackers, you're not one of those lazy hackers who just let's there wires hang out.

happy hacking!

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    這是我朋友 Tully 的作品,這個東西叫 Arduino Seeeduino 這是一項類似Java C語言,它可以完成獨立運作的微處理控制,也能支援多樣的互動程式。所以Tully 真的很棒,也歡迎大家可以製作看看。