How to Attach a Flute




Introduction: How to Attach a Flute

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Hi today I will tell you how to attach a flute so you can play it

Step 1: What Do We Need

We need

A Mouth piece (head joint)

The main body of a flute

A foot joint

And you will find a stick that you put a cloth on and

Step 2: Attaching

We need to attach the flute now so grab all you parts and follow the pictures, So attach the mouth joint and and the main part so then align the little part

Step 3: Holding

so take you flute and hold it put you little right finder on the 4th key from the right and put all the other fingers on the other keys and for the left hand Is in pic 2

Step 4: Done

you are done now you can learn and play the flute

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    6 years ago

    almost done .... the little finger on your left hand needs to go on the lever between the two keys
    and the thumb of the left hand needs to go on the levers opposite the keys on the top side.


    Reply 6 years ago