Introduction: How to Back-up DVD's for Noobs ( With Video )

I am going to show you how to backup your DVDs. It is a very easy process and only takes an hour or so. First I would like to say that I am not liable for any actions you may take, ripping or burning DVD's is currently illegal in the United States. So please only copy movies you own and do not distribute them. I only wanna show how to burn DVDs with original menus to protect movies from being lost and scratches and such.

Step 1: Hardware and Software Needed

Step 1

You need
DVD burner
few gigs of free space
blank DVDs (4.7 gig)
A movie to back up

DVD shrink link softpedia link

DVD decrypter link link

Step 2: Back-up


install the software form the previous step and open up DVD Shrink.

1. Click open disk and select disk. Let it preview it

2. Decide if you want the whole movie (menus etc.) or just the main picture.

3. Compress anything you want compressed ( do not compress main movie any farther ).

4. Hit backup at the top.

5. Choose where you want it saved ( I prefer ti save as an iso)

Sorry for being vague I am assuming you watched the video.

Step 3: Burn DVD

Burn it

Open up DVD Decrypter from the downladed software

1. open mode at the top , select iso, select write

2. insert a blank DVD

3. Choose which image to burn , then hit burn

Step 4: Enjoy

When Your Video is done burning you will have a copy of your DVD and the original. Now remember that this is illegal in the United States so use at your own risk. Please burn responsibly.

You now have a video that can be watch on any standard DVD player