How to Be KnuckleHead the Mascot From Five Finger Death Punch

Introduction: How to Be KnuckleHead the Mascot From Five Finger Death Punch

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I thought that this would be a neat costume and no one else that i have seen has done this at all.

I view this one as a hero and not a villain

Step 1: Getting the Parts for the Costume

This is the version of him we will be replicating

This form of him is from their new album The wrong side of heaven and the righteous side of hell.

1 pair of black combat boots

1 pair of camouflage pants

1 demon tail

1 pair Demon Horn Prosthetics

1 brass knuckle belt buckle with belt

1 airsoft tactical vest you can use a real one if you want

1 airsoft pistol

1 toy sound grenade

1 pair of gloves (I will be using fingerless for added coolness)

a quart, gallon or tube of fake blood

1 skin colored bald cap, latex bald cap or a plastic bald cap for those allergic to latex.

latex is optional, if you want it or are allergic to it

any halloween makeup kit as long as it has black

spirit gum adhesive and remover

skin color make up or cover up to add color to the bald cap. Can be bought at almost any store that sells makeup.

Sadly in California even belt buckle brass knuckles are illegal to own, so I will not have on with my costume. I also will not have the tail due to not being able to find one that would match the costume.

If you don't have any of these items the total cost bought on the cheap is $33+ for the horns, bald cap, blood, spirit gum adhesive and remover all from Party City or Spirit

the black make up can be found there as well or at makeups store or halloween store

the boots can be found online, in stores, or at garage sales the price may vary, I got mine for $20

the vest can be found at any airsoft store and prices will vary I purchased my vest from airsplat as part of a package deal.

you can use any airsoft pistol, you want and can pick one up at a lot of stores from I think $5 to $500

the grenades can be found at most Halloween shops or the Dollar Stores for $1 to $3. I modified the one I bought so that the sound is activated when the spoon is released

the pants can be found at most airsoft stores, military surplus stores, and some thrift stores from $15 to $35

the gloves can be bought at any store that sells gloves ranging from $1 to $ 150

Step 2: The Clothes

This step is to show how to wear the cloths to resemble Knucklehead.

I tucked my tank top into my pants do it does not hang out the bottom of the vest.

I also tucked the pants into the boots to add extra coolness.

Next the gloves and vest nothing fancy.

Step 3: The Makeup

I apologize but i did not think to take pictures of the makeup process. I found a web page that shows how to apply a bald cap and make it look realistic.

To do the handprint I just had my mom put some fake blood on her hand and then press it against my face (my hand would have been way too big)


Some fake blood stains the skin as well as fabric so be carefull.

Step 4: All Done

And lala opps I mean voila you are Knuckle head.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hey there! Check out my comment on your pool table ÷)

    Very nice effect! The hand print is a great size, you're lucky your mom had a small enough hand.